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Tips for getting car insurance claims processed quickly

car insurance

The car insurance which a car owner pays in Singapore is a major annual expense since it is mandatory. The car owner has to pay for the car insurance, irrespective of how often he is using the car and his driving skills. The amount of insurance the car owner has to pay will depend to a large extent on the no claims discount (NCD) he is eligible for. So if the car is involved in an accident, the NCD may decrease and he will also have to pay more insurance. Also, the car insurance company will compensate for the losses if the car is damaged or the car owner is injured in the accident. However, in some cases, the insurance company may reject the insurance claim, so some tips to help in getting the claim approved are discussed below



It is important to collect all the information about the accident immediately after it occurs. This includes identity proof, the name and address of all the persons involved, license plate information, make, model, and color of the car. A copy of the driving license of the drivers is also required, and the details of the insurance company. If the driver or passengers are injured, the name of the injured persons, the extent of the injuries should also be recorded. The vehicle should not be moved from the place where the accident occurred to the extent possible so that it is easier to identify the cause of the accident.


The traffic and weather conditions, especially heavy rainfall which could have caused the accident should be noted. It is also important to take quality photographs of the accident site so that it is easier to identify the cause of the accident. Usually, at least four close up shots from different angles should be taken to show the damage to the car. Additionally, at least three medium angle photographs of the accident, showing the license plates of the vehicles are recommended. Finally, there should be at least three wide angle shots, or a video, showing the entire accident scene, and the location where the accident occurred.


Time frame

Though the car driver may feel upset after the car accident, he should be aware that it is necessary to submit the insurance claim with all the evidence within 24 hours of the accident to the insurance company. If there is a delay in submitting the claim, the insurance company may reject the claim or it may affect the NCD. If the car owner is not sure of the procedure for filing an insurance claim, he can contact the insurance company for advice. Some of the insurance companies have provided a toll free number for their customers.


Other advice.

It is important that the car owner does not try to negotiate with others involved in the accident or sign any document since this could adversely affect the chances that the insurance claim is processed. The insurance company has the experience and tools to determine who is at fault for the accident, and car owners should rely on them to get the best deal. Some insurance companies have made it mandatory to report all accidents, even when the car owner does not wish to file a claim.