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Macbook battery replacement options

macbook repair

Like all portable gadgets, the macbook has a rechargeable battery. In the macbook a lithium polymer battery is used for greater reliability, energy storage and compact size. Typically the life cycle of the macbook battery is one thousand charge cycles. So after the battery has been charged and discharged more than one thousand times, usually the battery performance will degrade, and the battery will start draining faster. There are other battery related problems also. Macbook owners in Singapore who are facing a problem with their macbook battery, would like to find out the options for replacing their batteries.


Some macbook owners would like to replace the battery themselves to save time and money. They also do not want to waste their time searching for a service center and visiting it. In this case, they can purchase a suitable replacement battery online or offline and then replace it themselves. For this they should have suitable tools, especially a screw driver. The back cover of the macbook will have to be removed to expose the battery. The battery is connected to other components using a connector. So the connector should also be removed. After this the screws which are used to fix the battery should be removed using a screw driver.

The malfunctioning or damaged battery is then removed from the macbook. The new replacement battery is then fixed in the right position and connected to other components using the connector. After the back cover of the macbook should be replaced. The macbook with the new battery should be started to check whether the new battery is working properly. Though in house replacement is convenient, there are some risks which are involved. The user should be skilled and carefully open the macbook. Also while replacing the macbook battery, if the user is not careful, other parts of the macbook will get damaged causes more losses.

Service center

If the user does not have experience in battery replacement or the tools, it is better to get the battery replaced by a top rated service center in Singapore like Esmond Service center. Though the macbook user will have to spend time to visit the service center, and spend more money for the service, this is a better option due to multiple reasons. The service center specializes in replacing macbook repairs, so it has a ready stock of replacement batteries in stock. So when the macbook user wants his battery replaced, the skilled technicians at Esmond will usually complete the replacement within one hour. 

The Esmond staff is well trained in macbook repairs and have replaced the battery for a large number of macbooks. So they are not likely to make any mistake or damage the macbook while replacing the battery. Additionally, Esmond is also offering a warranty on the battery they install, since they only use high quality spare parts for repairs. So though they can save some money, replacing a defective macbook battery themselves, increasingly users are preferring to use a reliable service center like Esmond, whose competent staff will repair the macbook quickly.